Brandenburg is becoming increasingly attractive for investors and has above-average growth compared to the rest of Germany. This offers the opportunity to attract future industries with new value chains to Brandenburg. However, commercial areas have become scarce - especially when it comes to offers of larger contiguous areas. New locations must therefore be found to make Brandenburg attractive for innovative high-tech companies.

Development of a structurally significant business location in the area of the Potsdam freeway triangle / Seddin freight station

The location near Seddin catches the eye here and should be looked at more closely, because its location and the already existing very good transport connections via road and rail are obvious. A model project of a green business location could be created here. The municipalities would gain financial leeway for investments in schools, daycare centers, sports facilities, playgrounds and other infrastructure through additional business tax revenues.

There is a fundamental interest in joint economic development in the three direct neighboring communities Seddiner See, Michendorf and Schwielowsee. All four municipalities involved - Beelitz is also included in the considerations - have a need for commercial space, e.g. for expansions, start-ups or new settlements. The municipalities would like to receive support in the context of inter-municipal cooperation for possible follow-up effects and future needs, for example in the area of housing and infrastructure.

The results of the study available to date will be discussed in an open and objective manner. For this purpose, full transparency is assured and the five public information events held to date in all participating municipalities at the end of 2022 served this purpose.

The next step is to first take a closer look at the topic of "water balance" in the region and commission an expert opinion.

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