A land rich in forests – innovative timber industry

The entire length of the sector’s value chain – from timber harvesting to the finished product – can be seen in Brandenburg. As the primary source of raw material, the Märkische Kiefer (native species of pine) plays a key role in this regard.  With 41 companies, the wood industry is predominantly medium-sized, alongside the large companies in Brandenburg.

Emerging economic sector

Fibreboards for the construction industry and laminate flooring for home comfort are important products of an up-and-coming economic sector. Innovative sawmills, timber construction companies, high-performance carpentry and well-known producers of wooden playgrounds round off the picture. Important companies are Klenk Holz, Swiss Krono, Opitz Holzbau, Classen Industries or SIK Holzgestaltung. The Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE) has also specialized in this topic. 

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Wood and Paper Industry in the Capital Region