Building Regional Office East Brandenburg

Economic Development Agency Brandenburg (WFBB)

Logenstr. 1
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

Regionalkarte Ost-Brandenburg Karte

Gateway to the growth markets in Central and Eastern Europe

The Regional Office East Brandenburg comprises the districts of Märkisch-Oderland, Oder-Spree and the urban district of Frankfurt (Oder). This region forms a bridge to the growth markets in Central and Eastern Europe. 

The Regional Office’s core activities include, in particular, the promotion of innovation and the support of companies and enterprises in the area of attracting and qualifying skilled workforce.  

Small but first-rate companies serving world markets have their headquarters here: APUS develops hybrid-electric propulsion systems for aircraft. Sensys is considered a leading supplier of electromagnetic measurement systems. The Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide (Mark) is also the largest industrial settlement in Brandenburg since German unification. 

The European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) is an expert local partner for


Gerlind Paulukat
Gerlind Paulukat
Assistant Manager
Regional Office East Brandenburg
+49 335 – 283 960-0
Maria Halw
Maria Halw
Head of Regional Office East Brandenburg
Urban district Märkisch-Oderland
+49 335 – 283 960-11
Dr. Philipp Steinkamp
Dr Philipp Steinkamp
Senior Manager Regional Office East Brandenburg
Urban district Frankfurt (Oder)
+49 +49 335 – 283 960-14
Porträt Holger Zeiser
Holger Zeiser
Senior Manager Regional Office East Brandenburg
Urban district Oder-Spree
+49 335 - 283960-19